PROJECT: Operations and Maintenance of MOI's MIFON in Riyadh and in Makkah


Operation, management and maintenance of infrastructure and devices for the optical fiber network of the Ministry of Interior’s MFON in the regions of Riyadh and Makkah. The project scope includes the daily operations and maintenance of all ISP & OSP network components 24/7.

OSP OMS Network Works:

It includes the main network route that connects the main sites in Riyadh, Makkah and Jeddah to each other, passing through the main & Integration points by using fiber optic cable 24, 96 and 144 core .

ISP OMS Network Works:

  • DWDM/Optical
  • MPLS Routers/Extension Routers
  • CPE Routers
  • UPS
  • Generators
  • Telecom Rooms
  • Workstations

The project also includes corrective and preventive maintenance and operation of the main network operations center (NOC).