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The Saudi Arabian telecoms and IT, electrical and power generation (potentially including solar and wind) markets are expected to considerably gain from the rising demand with the Middle East region in general, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, for more investments and spending expected to exceed more than USD30 billion by FY2024. In Saudi Arabia alone, the demand for infrastructure for its planned megacities and other giga projects, as well as its goal to transform communities with modern public utilities with advanced technologies such as electric meters, and into safe/smart cities with state-of-the-art digital security features backed by the latest software programs.

With the call for the participation of companies that are experts in both outside plant (OSP) and inside plant (ISP) works (among other specializations) to build the base upon which to expand and/or upgrade technologies and undertake digital transformation is driving many new technologies and specializations – it is no longer an option but a necessity.

  • Public and private sector companies need to invest in new technologies to become more agile and efficient in the way they compete for and deliver services.
  • Cloud computing, big data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), fintech and blockchain are just some of the new business opportunities that require state-of-the-art infrastructures.

Level-Up Business Activities

The initiatives in these sectors are expected to result in increased business activities and revenues for KEIR International since it has been a leading and preferred partner in many of the specialized fields required by current and future demands based on:

State-of-the-art expertise

Steady growth

Stable finances

Global ISO credentials

Proven performance

Delivery track record