Vision – Mission – Values


To co-create in technologically-advanced industries.

To be a Kingdom- and region-wide leader in telecommunications and electrical technologies services, infrastructures and turn-key solutions.


To contribute to the vision and development goals not only of Saudi Arabia, but of the Gulf and Middle East regions through the deployment of state-of-the-art products and services solutions.


At KEIR International, we make things happen for the industries we work in and the communities we live in; our core values guide us as to who we are and how we work.


We solve problems and find solutions while demonstrating sound morals and ethics. We build teams that can rely on one another in a work environment.


We collaborate with our allies – specially with our partners and manufacturing suppliers – in maintaining transparency and honesty amongst each other to ensure positive outcomes


We work with intentions of enhancing our industries and communities with the utmost levels of hard work and dedication.


We implement our projects and conduct our business activities while holding our stakeholders accountable for their responsibilities, duties and outcomes while ensuring high attention to details and clear focus on the job.

Commitment to Customers

We deliver and strive to either meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, always.

Message from the Founder & Chairman


As Founder and Chairman of KEIR International, I would like to thank you for coming by to visit our website.

KEIR International started with a vision to be an all-encompassing supplier of utility services and high-tech products. It began by focusing on the solutions and business activities of the telecommunications industry. Our main work focused on wired and wireless communications; we then grew to become a major player in outside plant (OSP), GSM infrastructure and tower building, as well as in In-Building Solutions (ISP).

In addition, with the growth and capabilities we built through the years, along with market demands to provide more services, we added more specialties and expertise to our supply of solutions and technologies.

Now, KEIR International is one of the leading companies in:
– telecoms along with its products and services.
– power and electricity works.
– IT solutions and services.
– building and construction.

We are greatly excited about adding new leaders to our organization. We have new consultants who have a vision and strategy for market growth and development. We have a new CEO who is leading the company to a new direction with the goal of going public and to make sure that the company becomes one of the preferred companies by industry players.

I am proud of our board members; they add real value to the company and ensure the right balance to present the company at its best. I believe we will continue to provide our shareholders with growth, revenues and profits with ethics and compliance.

Thank you!


Crowe Saudi Arabia

Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate.

Higher Commission for Industrial Security

License to do military activity from Higher Commission for Industrial Security. 

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System

ISO 45001:2018

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO / IEC 27001:2013

Information Security Management Systems

Saudi Electricity Company

SEC 5-Star Safety Certificate

Saudi Standards, Metrology And Quality Organization (SASO)

Conformity to the Saudi Arabia Standards & Specifications Certificate SASO 2/1992

Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development

Outstanding Nitaqat/Saudization levels

Saudi Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs

Classification Certificate in the fields of telecoms (Rank 1), electrical works (Rank 1), water works (Rank 1), construction (Rank 1), road works (Rank 1),and electronics (Rank 1)

Ministry of Commerce

Commercial Registration

D-U-N-S Registed Certificate

D-U-N-S Registed Certificate


Contractor Classification Certificate Saudi Contractors Authority – SCA

Company Profile

KEIR International began operations as Ceir for Telecom and IT Co., Ltd. in 2008, then as Keir International Company Limited in 2014 and most recently as KEIR International in 2017.

It is a duly-registered commercial Saudi enterprise that offers a range of services solutions – implementation, execution, operation, maintenance and trading – and supplies products initially for the IT and communications sector, but now also for public utility industries, such as those that involve power and electricity generation, water, gas and petroleum.

The changes in the name reflected the expanded scope of business activities and growth in customer base. KEIR International has metamorphosed from a limited liability company for the telecom and IT sectors, then into a public joint stock one and finally, into a publicly-listed services company for the public utilities sector as well.

Since 2008, KEIR International has become a Saudi company known to provide products and services to customers by working with global suppliers and manufacturing partners. We have specialized in turn-key solutions in civil works involving telecoms, electrical and security projects. Our latest project achievements include supplying products to telecom operators, implementing projects for public utility companies, installing fiber optic cables in communities, connecting power for transportation services and assisting in the building of security infrastructures of government ministries.

  • The company is also working on entering into alternative energy projects and special services in the Internet of Things (IoT) and all the added services that work on fixed and mobile fiber-optic networks. The company is also in the process of implementing an integrated strategy in the field of manufacturing communications materials and fiber-optic and copper accessories.Most recently, KEIR International has also ventured into construction with partner Quadratics Development LLC, for the provision of technology-driven and innovative solutions for the construction industry.
  • Since 2008, KEIR International has been backed up by investors, including Eirad Holding Company Limited, with strong reputations as solid corporations with extensive experiences and partnerships in industries. In July 2022, KEIR International shares were listed at the Saudi Exchange’s Nomu (Parallel) Market.


The name KEIR is inspired by the mountains in the Al Qassim region of Saudi Arabia that are depicted in our logo as two mountain peaks; they mirror the origins of the company – local, robust and imposing. They also represent KEIR’s efforts to reach the highest levels of quality. Our identity shows our pride in who we are while our logo is an embodiment of the dynamism and solidity of the people who make up the company and a representation of our vitality and modernity, and of our strengths and values.