is a system that automates the administrative communication and correspondences, and the daily tasks (internal and external) of all types of institutions in the public or private sector.

SADAD Adapter

Is a system of integration with the electronic payment platform (SADAD), so that banks and billing parties can access all the basic functions and features found in the SADAD system.


  • E-committee.
  • E-Meeting.
  • Plan, manage and track all your team’s tasks in one flexible software.
  • Eliminate manual tasks.
  • Collaborate with your team, seamlessly.
  • Transform your task list into a unique workflow.

RASED Adapter

A cloud-based integration adapter (RASED Adapter) and mobile application (RASED App) which will cover all business needs for the Pharmacies and the Medical and Dispense Centers. And covers all services provided by SFDA’s Track and Trace System to complete Pharma supply chain needs to report the track and trace activity.

Payment Gateway

  • Screening & AML system
  • Card Holder Management.
  • Card Holder Mobile App.
  • Merchant Application
  • Installment Tools
  • Wallet management System.
  • Visa and MasterCard Integration.
  • Card Management System Integration.
  • Biller Adapter

Other Products

  • Fintech Products
  • Crowdfunding – CMA
  • Digital wallet & Open Banking – SAMA
  • Payment Gateway- SAMA